Savor the Flavor Herb Guide
Not sure what herbs to use? We've listed which herbs go well with what to make cooking easier.
Choosing which herbs to pair with which foods can be overwhelming. We've compiled a handy cheat list to help you make delicious meals.
Italian cuisines, most vegetables (especially tomatoes), chicken, eggs, pasta, pesto, pizza, pork, potatoes.
They have a mild onion flavor and are great with almost anything!
Asian/Caribbean/Latin cuisines, avocados, beans, chicken, fish, lamb, lentils, pork, salsas, yogurt.
Eastern European cuisine, beets, cabbage, eggs, pickles, potatoes, salmon, sour cream.
Middle Eastern/Indian Cuisines, sweet and savory uses, carrots, chocolate, duck, eggplant, fruit, lamb, lentils, oranges, pilafs, pork, salsas, yogurt.
Italian/Mediterranean/Latin cuisines, artichokes, beans, chicken, mushrooms, lamb, pasta, pizza, potatoes, tomatoes.
European/Middle Eastern/American/Brazilian Cuisines, great with almost everything, use stems for broths/soups/casseroles.
Italian cuisine, use whole stem for braises and stews, beans, beef, chicken, fish, lamb, salmon, vegetables.
European/American cuisines, beans, eggplant, fish, pork, poultry, ravioli, stuffing, tomatoes.
European/American cuisines, Bouquet Garni, Herbs de Provence, whole stems used for braises, beef, carrots, chicken, figs, fish, lamb, lentils, pork, tomatoes.
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