Tuna, White Bean and Butter Lettuce Sandwich
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10 minutes
Total Time:
20 minutes (plus soaking time)
Tuna and white bean salad with basil pesto on a sandwich thin
Tuna, White Bean and Butter Lettuce Sandwich
300 Calories; 39 g Carbohydrates; 5 g Fat; 1 g Saturated Fat; 29 g Protein; N/A Cholesterol; 11 g Fiber; N/A Potassium; 440 mg Sodium; N/A Added Sugars
Main Ingredients:
4 oz Great Northern Beans, Dry
12 oz Tuna, Light Water Packed
2-2/3 Tbsp Basil, Fresh, Chopped
1 tsp Cracked Black Pepper
2 tsp Parmesan Cheese, Fresh, Shredded
8 each Tomatoes, 1/4” Each Slice
12 each Basil Leaf, Fresh
4 leaves Boston Bibb Lettuce
4 each Bread, Sandwich Thins, Whole Wheat
4 tsp Pesto Sauce, Nut Free
2 tsp Mayonnaise, Light
1. Soak great northern beans in water overnight. Drain water. Place in a sauce pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and simmer until beans are tender, drain. Chill.
2. Drain tuna and flake into pieces. Combine tuna, beans, mayonnaise, pesto, pepper, and parmesan cheese. Open sandwich thin. Place ¾ cup tuna salad on top, top with 2 slices tomato, 1 lettuce leaf, and 3 basil leaves. Place top on sandwich and place sandwich on platter.
Tips & Notes
Ditch the bread and use the tuna salad with mixed greens for a delicious salad.
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