• Build a Better Sandwich

    Nothing says lunch like a delicious deli sandwich. With so many ways to customize a sandwich the options are almost limitless. If you are looking boost the benefits from your sandwich, follow these tips.

    Start with a base of whole grains or greens

    Whole grains offer more fiber and nutrients than their refined counterparts and have been associated with multiple health benefits. Look for whole grain breads, rolls, wraps and sandwich thins to start your sandwich. Looking to trim some extra calories or just not a fan of bread? Try a lettuce wrap. Most of your favorite sandwiches can be made on lettuce wraps instead of traditional breads.

    Go Lean with Protein

    Grilled and roasted lean meats like chicken, turkey, pork and fish provide protein without going overboard on calories, saturated fat and sodium. If you are skipping the meat altogether, you can up your sandwich's protein with spreads made from beans or nuts like hummus or peanut butter.

    Fill with Veggies

    Fresh, roasted or grilled vegetables can add flavor and nutrients to your favorite sandwich. Look beyond traditional lettuce and tomato to roasted peppers, grilled squash and other seasonable vegetables.

    Use Spreads Lightly

    Spreads are an easy way to pile on added calories that you weren't expecting, so use them lightly. A tablespoon of your favorite spread is usually enough to add flavor and moisture. If your sandwich already includes dressings or marinades from the fillings you've chosen, like with a tuna salad sandwich for example, try skipping the extra spread altogether.